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GARMIN навигатори со вградена камера – преглед и анализирање во Frotcom

Speed и dash cam – видео снимките – детектирани со Garmin навигаторите со камера – GARMIN dezlCam – сега може да бидат конфигурирани и анализирани во Frotcom

Having a Garmin connected to Frotcom’s GPS tracker, that’s nothing new.

But now you can have your Garmin transmitting speeding alerts to Frotcom. These speeding alerts consider the local speed limit of each street and road where known. So Garmin PNDs* connected to Frotcom’s GPS trackers will now be able to help you further improve your drivers’ safety.

Moreover, with an onboard Garmin device equipped with a dash cam, like the Garmin dēzlCam™ or DriveAssist™, your company will be able to access videos of accidents that are detected.

Finally, in the case of the DriveAssist™, driving events such as lane departure and warning of forward collisions are transmitted to Frotcom, enabling your fleet manager to better monitor driving performance.

Frotcom will alert you of an event and – in the case of accident detection – notify you of the corresponding video file name on the Garmin (using the SD card installed in the Garmin device).

The best of both worlds

Garmin and Frotcom’s combination now brings together all the benefits you’ve come to expect from completely integrated navigation – including routing, communication with your drivers in a simple, clear and economical way, detection of excess speed, detection and video registration of accidents and warnings on forward collision and lane departure.

This higher degree of device integration with Frotcom means your company can decrease driver stress via Garmin’s intuitive driver-assistance, as well as promote peace of mind and safer driving behavior via the Garmin PND alerts.

Garmin integration in Frotcom thus provides an overall better driver performance and a fundamentally better business outcome for both you and your customers.

Market Demand

There has been significant growth within the global dashboard camera market due to the introduction of stringent road safety regulations, affordable prices and increasing awareness about the benefits of dashboard cameras. Insurers are increasingly likely to accept footage from dashboard-mounted video cameras as evidence to be used in the event of a claim, and in some countries such as Russia, the onus is on the driver to prove they were in the right.

“The dēzlCam™ and DriveAssist™ series goes beyond helping drivers get from Point A to Point B,” said Frank Assmann, Garmin Business Development Manager EMEA Fleet. “The intuitive driver-assist features which have been integrated by Frotcom not only lessen the stress of getting your drivers to their destination, but also provide peace of mind in knowing that every trip is being recorded and can be referenced should you need it. The launch of this new Frotcom lineup marks a significant step forward in the evolution of Fleet Management and we are extremely excited working with Frotcom to make fleets even more intelligent!”

According to Renato Ferreira, CTO at Frotcom International, “For many years, Garmin PNDs with their advanced Fleet Management Interface (FMI) have been a great complement to Frotcom, enabling fleet managers to exchange messages with their drivers, and to send them the location of the next service. Garmin FMI 3.5 brings the feature set to a new level, by adding safety capabilities to the package. With close collaboration from the Garmin support team, we were able to integrate these new features in Frotcom service. In fact, we are happy to be the first Fleet Telematics organization to use this new video technology from Garmin. Now, not only can fleet managers dispatch their vehicles and drivers to their job locations, they can also monitor how safe they get there.”

Reach out to your local Frotcom office and we’ll help you make the most of these new features!

* Garmin PNDs need to have FMI protocol version 3.5 or higher